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Canvas Course Readiness Checklist

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  1. Does your homepage display correctly? If you have an image, is it showing? Are all links working?
  2. Is your syllabus linked as a pdf on the Syllabus tab? Is there other relevant information that you should include here?
  3. Have you adjusted the course navigation to include only the following links? (Reminder: those tabs not visible to students will show in a light gray color.)
    • Home
    • Announcements
    • Syllabus
    • Modules (remove if using Modules as homepage)
    • Grades
    • People
  4. Modules are clearly labeled and organized following recommended naming conventions for content items (e.g. Module 1 Lecture, Module 1 Discussion, etc.). Check with your department for naming conventions.
  5. All shared course content from CTE has been added to courses as necessary. This could include items such as: APA Citation Guide, HIPAA Training, Writing Lab, etc. Materials can be found on the CTE website at: https://cte.clarksoncollege.edu/tutorials/

  6. All links to lectures, web pages, videos, etc. display correctly when in Student View. (Reminder: Student View is accessible from the Setting tab)
  7. Are your Quizzes/Exams set up correctly?
    • Instructions, due dates, number of attempts, feedback settings, etc.
    • Exam questions and answers display correctly.
    • Migrated questions such as T/F and Matching have been revised for accuracy.
    • Reminder: clicking the Preview button will show the student view.
  8. Are your Assignments set up correctly?
    • Due dates, points, rubrics, Turnitin, etc.
  9. Are your Discussions set up correctly?
    • Due dates, points, rubrics, threaded, groups, etc.
  10. Is the Gradebook displaying items correctly? The order of items in the Gradebook is based on the order of items in Assignments tab. If you want to reorder the Gradebook, reorder items on the Assignments tab. If you don’t see an assignment in the Gradebook, double-check to ensure that the assignment is published and is set as graded.
  11. Ensure that all references to eCollege items have been removed, such as: Dropbox, Webliography, DocSharing, etc.
  12. Are all necessary course content items published? Items are visible when the icon and publish cloud are green. You can double check this by going into the Student View mode. Unpublished items will not be visible while in Student View.
    Normal View

    Student View
  13. Have you gone through your course settings? Settings > Course Details > More Options. Recommended setting are checked in the image below.
  14. When you are ready to go live, publish your course. Home > Publish