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Fall 2020 Workshops

All Sessions via Zoom
Thursdays from noon to 1:00 pm

Recordings will be posted on the Fall 2020 Workshops page under the Videos tab

Session 1. Make Course Content Accessible
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Learn how to create ADA-compliant PDFs, images, and videos, and use the Accessibility Tool in the Canvas Rich Text Editor.Sept 10
Session 2. Office 365 and Canvas
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Explore the Canvas integration with Office 365.Sept 17
Session 3. Teaching with Zoom: Tips and Strategies
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Identify tips and strategies that you can implement when teaching synchronously with Zoom. Sept 24
Session 4. Create Measurable Learning Objectives
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Learn how to create learning objectives that describe measurable outcomes based on Bloom’s taxonomy.Oct 1
Session 5. What’s New in Canvas
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Examine the significant updates released by Canvas this year.Oct 8
Session 6. LockDown Browser + Monitor
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Learn about the online test proctoring software that integrates with Canvas.Oct 22
Session 7. Create and Manage Pages in Canvas
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Learn how to create Pages with text, links, videos, and images and manage all Pages through the Page index.Oct 29
Session 8. Working with New Quizzes
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Familiarize yourself with the new processes related to New Quizzes in Canvas.Nov 5
Session 9. Creating Community in Online Teaching
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Explore ideas that can help you strengthen the sense of community in your online courses.Nov 12
Session 10. Manage Modules in Canvas
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Learn how to use Lock Until, Publish/Unpublish, and Requirement/Prerequisite to control how students move through Modules.Nov 19
Session 11. Yuja 2.0
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Discover new and updated features in YuJa.Dec 3